15 Best Android Libraries For 2020

15 Best Android Libraries For 2020

Sat, 10 Apr 2021

In short, Android frameworks and libraries (or just libraries in general) are a series of behavior implementations written in programming languages, with a well-defined interface. Generally speaking, these libraries provide documentation, configuration data, message templates, support data, pre-written code and subroutines, attributes, classes, etc. One of the key reasons for using these libraries is to simplify the development process, i.e. create an awesome app without excessive or extra effort. These libraries provide developers with simple pre-written codes and other essential elements that can be immediately used rather than from scratch performing these tasks.


15 Best Android Libraries for Developers

  • Dependency Injector Library
  1. Dagger 2
  • Networking
  1. Retrofit
  • Image Loading
  1. Picasso
  2. Glide
  • Scanning
  1. Zxing
  2. CAMView
  • View Binding
  1. ButterKnife
  2. Android Databinding
  • Debugging
  1. Stetho
  • Reactive Programming
  1. RxJava2
  • Drawing
  1. MPAndroidChart
  2. Holo Graph library
  • UI Components
  1. Gravity View
  • Testing
  1. Espresso
  2. Robolectric



These libraries make it to this list, based on the Android developers’ common recommendation. Their strengths, roles, and success together emit excellence in their task niche. We at softieons technologies work on mobile app development and help our customers according to their needs.