Top Cyber Security APIs

Top Cyber Security APIs

Wed, 07 Apr 2021

The standard method of integrating, improving, and sharing data via online services is Application Programming Interfaces-API.

For anything you can think of, APIs are available, including setting up e-commerce websites, payment wallets, digital coins, social network interaction, and email services. The current infosec and cybersecurity market is also boosted by the red team and blue team APIs.

The most popular security APIs:

  • Google Safe Browsing API
  • PhishTank API
  • VirusTotal API
  • Quttera API
  • Sucuri API
  • GreyNoise API
  • URLScan API
  • Cloudflare API
  • Shodan API
  • Metasploit API
  • AlienVault API

What is Security APIs useful for?

Detecting and cleaning malware or viruses:

To detect malicious files and code injections in your web apps, a lot of malware API services are useful. When a new app is infected with an illegal 3rd party code, you will be alerted quickly.

Exploring the reputation of any website:

This type of security API is useful for detecting phishing domains, or pages related to unusual downloads, networks that are infected, etc.

Exploring your attack surface area:

Using security APIs will allow you to investigate and track down the culprits behind fraudulent activities if you work for a public or private security agency.

Cyber fraud Investigation:

Some cybersecurity APIs allow you to explore and audit your DNS records, IP addresses, and domain names, allowing you to discover any abnormal changes to your DNS infrastructure to prevent harmful activities such as domain hijacking, as well as finding stale DNS records, reviewing information about SSL certificates, and more.

Brand monitoring:

Find and report illegal use within seconds of any brand name or trademark that your company has registered.

Copyright violation research:

Use your copyrighted materials to find and research 3rd party websites; locate IP addresses, records, domain names, and use web hosting checker features to find the actual people behind the operation.

Bug and data bounty programs:

To show their abilities while earning money with their hacking knowledge, ethical hackers participate in bug and data bounty programs. For these white hat hackers seeking valuable reconnaissance information about their targets, security APIs are the perfect tool.