What is OpenStack API?

What is OpenStack API?

Fri, 09 Apr 2021

OpenStack is the most popular open-source solution for enterprise cloud data center management. OpenStack was developed initially as a partnership between RackSpace & NASA. Business organizations, academic researchers, or other groups may be able to install OpenStack to orchestrate bare metal data center operations, private cloud hardware, public cloud resources, or both. OpenStack includes advanced use of Virtualization & SDN for optimizing network traffic.

OpenStack API allows programmers and developers to create scripts that automate the deployment of hardware resources in a data center using system administration or software configuration. To support millions of active web/mobile users, enterprise applications need to scale-up. The OpenStack API is used by developers for script container applications, web server stack configurations, elastic cloud orchestration, database functionality, network traffic optimization, and platform safety.

How to use OpenStack APIs

OpenStack has a modular architecture with core module functionality, which can be supplemented by network-installed software utilities. Companies have the choice to purchase OpenStack solutions from marketplace IT majors and startup companies or build their custom-coded solutions with in-house teams. Many companies choose a packaged OpenStack distribution from one of the biggest Linux development companies such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, or SUSE.

A bundled Linux OpenStack distribution can be installed with a consultancy firm’s third-party utilities that optimize data center operations for industry or production. Companies need to construct unique solutions to their needs in production. Third-party developers are building custom OpenStack solutions that can save businesses money over resource development in-house. For extensive lists of API-driven products, browse the OpenStack Marketplace. Using third-party tools can speed up the installation time of OpenStack or bring software onto the market.

Components of OpenStack API

The OpenStack API supports thousands of third-party developers and IT majors’ software products. Many of these companies are developing OpenStack Marketplace ecosystem products which extend the core functionality of the platform. For the automated launch and provisioning of virtual machines (VMs) the Nova module can be accessed via API. For advanced load balancing on network traffic, the Neutron module is extended via API. The storage block references the Cinder API, while images are managed by Glance.

OpenStack’s Keystone, Swift, Ceilometer, & Heat modules can be extended to network analytics, application/server monitoring, and platform security utilities via an API.