Life at Softieons

Culture where do you enjoy working, learning and progressing in your profession.

The company culture at Softieons is one of the best aspects of the organization. The crew has a strong sense of camaraderie and support. People here genuinely care about one another, which provides for a truly enjoyable and relaxing work environment. Also acknowledged for excellent evaluations, appreciation, as well as benefits, prizes, and examinations for employees who provide their all and have unmatched execution abilities.

The Softieons ensure that your colleagues have a trouble-free outing. We operate in a lively environment where everyone is motivated by their work. We make certain that every representative maintains their enthusiasm from the moment they walk through our doors.

Sneak Peak into Softieons

Softieons offers a productive, fun, and friendly environment that makes you passionate about work. We listen to our employees’ aspirations and enable them to try, explore, and fulfill new experiences.

When it comes to making plans for the Diwali celebration, all the members are filled with full of enthusiasm and dedication. They excellently plan and execute the entire function.

Traditional events are also a part of softieons. Navaratri celebrations and dandiya raas are the major elements of this event. Employees enthusiastically celebrate the Navratri.

The main attraction at Softieons is the celebration of Ganesh Puja. All the employees and members of the company come together as a family and organize and celebrate this great spiritual event.

The company also celebrates the birthday of their employees with great zeal and enthusiasm. A lot of entertaining activities are performed on that day. Appetizing food is served along with a delicious cake cutting session.

Various team-building activities are performed during trips. Softieons Team enjoys the outings with a lot of fun and entertainment. The company frequently organizes visits to Lonavala to let its employees revitalize physical and mental energy.