What Is CSAT: A Framework for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Every company needs to feel satisfied with their customers. Yet this isn’t always the case. Some consumers swear by your name, some are dismissive and some only want to yell at you. Those different opinions are unavoidable.


CSAT is short for customer’s satisfaction. It’s a measure of how satisfied your customers are with your company, brand, and services. The CSAT scores are common customer satisfaction indicators. You should conduct the so-called CSAT surveys to gauge the views of your customers on a variety of subjects, including their training and onboard sessions, their buying process, and their impression of your goods or services. You can also track the progress of the CSAT scores for customers over time.

When to Use CSAT

  • After customer training
  • After the user onboarding process
  • After a purchase
  • After events, you care about

What Do You Do With Your CSAT Scores?

  • Talk to your customers
  • Be proactive
  • Cross-check your CSAT and NPS