Understanding WooCommerce for WordPress

Understanding WooCommerce for WordPress

Thu, 08 Apr 2021

WooCommerce is a free plugin that turns customizable e-commerce stores into WordPress websites. On WooCommerce.com and WordPress.org, the WooCommerce plugin is available free of charge. WooCommerce was specifically developed to work with the most popular blogging or website software in the world, WordPress.

WordPress is an open-source platform: that means its code is open and free for anyone to use and, unlike closed platforms that control your data, you retain all the rights to anything you publish with it.

WooCommerce preserves many of the function’s cores to the usual WordPress experience but adds e-commerce, configuration, and customization capabilities.

WooCommerce is the best for e-commerce:

One of its early appeals to bloggers and writers, WordPress delivers superb content management. It stores content that site owners maintain as their own, including images. As a unique differentiator, many WooCommerce developers cite the ease of store management for customers.

The tight integration with WordPress is one of the key differentiators of WooCommerce versus other e-commerce platforms, meaning you get world-class commerce plus content. It’s easy to forget once you get into WooCommerce that it’s a plugin and not just a part of WordPress.

In the e-commerce world, WooCommerce was a game-changer. WooCommerce is free and open-source as a WordPress platform, which means that anyone can adapt it or build add-ons for it. Although technically a plugin with basic features such as payments built-in, WooCommerce allows you to add additional plugins called extensions to add specific features and functionality, to distinguish them from WordPress plugins.

Thousands of developers worldwide create and sell WooCommerce extensions, many of which are available on the official marketplace of WooCommerce.com, such as payment processing square, shipping calculation table rate shipping, and WooCommerce subscriptions for recurring payments and to manage your products or services subscriptions.

So, we can say from the above information that WooCommerce is the best for e-commerce.