Reasons for Failure of Education Startups & Ways to Avoid Them

Reasons for Failure of Education Startups & Ways to Avoid Them

Thu, 08 Apr 2021

The increasing interest in educational tech startups and the increase in the use of mlearning apps have made companies excited to start their businesses. We have been more optimistic about releasing the forthcoming BYJU’s, Duolingo, or Udemy and having a bigger slice of the global edTech market.

Several startups add to the list of failed eLearning startups last year. Although several of these businesses made it into the market but couldn’t survive much longer, some didn’t even reach the market for one reason or the other.

Common Pitfalls Faced By Education Startups

  • Poor Market Research
  • Lack of Patience
  • The unclarity of Users vs. Customers
  • Introduction of Unnecessary Technologies
  • Lack of Transparency and Teacher’s Collaboration
  • Too Many App Features
  • Insufficient User Training

Ways to Overcome Edtech Failure Causes & Grow Your Company

  • Perform Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Focus on KPIs
  • Collaborate with Teachers/Educational Organizations
  • Add Value to Existing Learning System
  • Build an Ongoing Business Model
  • Start with MVP Version
  • Integrate the Right Technology


The growth of the edTech ecosystem and the rise in the number of failures of educational startups are taking the entrepreneurs to the dead end. They are neither confident of entering the market nor of missing the opportunities associated with it. To pave the way for a better future, we’ve listed some common reasons behind the edTech market failure and better ways of preventing them