5G-The rising technology

Internet insiders predict that 5G will arrive in the United States by the end of 2018 or early 2019, capable of speeding up video streaming and lightning-fast uploading and downloading times. New 5G phones will also help speed up interfaces with virtual reality, work with self-driving cars, and deliver faster texting speeds.

What is 5G?

5G, or fifth-generation wireless technology, will offer faster speeds and more reliable connections for mobile connectivity. 5G networks will also boost the Internet of Things technology, helping to achieve smarter connectivity across the globe.

The 5G mobile telephone service and 5G WiFi at home will deliver speeds as fast as fiber networks but are more cost-efficient. Not only will the technology be able to move data with greater speed, but it will also provide lower latency and the ability to connect more devices at the same time.

Another benefit is you should be able to get service with 5G WiFi if you need high-speed internet in a rural area.

How fast is 5G Technology?

Experts predict almost 25 million 5G subscribers will be in existence by 2021. 5G streaming will be faster than existing internet connections by more than 10 times. That means quicker downloads and better streaming films.

According to TechRadar.com,

“The networks should provide a significant upgrade to current download and upload speeds with the GSMA proposing minimum download speeds of around 1GBps”

Most estimates expect 5G networks to reach an average speed of 10 GB/s and some even think transfer rates could reach a whopping 800 GB/s. This would mean that users could download a full-length HD quality movie in a matter of seconds and that downloading and installing software upgrades would be completed much faster than it is today.

The Future of 5G

5G is expected to begin making an appearance by the end of this year after years of speculation and much anticipation in the tech community. Some of the implications of the 5G rise are recognizable, such as benefits to autonomous cars, connected devices, and improved mobile experiences. However, 5G technology will help to inaugurate a new era of digital innovation in the long run, boosting many changes and ideas we cannot yet conceive of.