WordPress Plugins for Church Websites

You need a website that not only represents your church, but allows you to host your sermons and display them, manage your church media, and more. With WordPress, via plugins, you add new features to your site. There are thousands of plugins in the vast WordPress plugin library, but all of these plugins won’t be right for your site.

There will be a handful of plugins when you are in charge of a church website that will enhance your site’s functionality and elevate your congregation’s lives.

A lot of church websites have specific needs that the stock version of WordPress, or even your theme right out of the box, will not satisfy.

You’ll be stuck uploading your sermons as posts without using a WordPress plugin, trying to get them properly formatted. Instead of posting them on your website, you’ll have to rely on flyers to get the word out about church events. Without the right Church plugin for WordPress, you’re making your life a lot harder than it needs to be.

  • Upload your sermons to your website easily and include media such as images and videos.
  • Create a prayer wall where the members of the congregation can post prayers
  • Without leaving your website, allow easy donations and fundraisers
  • Create, handle, and boost the attendance of all your church activities

WordPress is a very flexible platform. Basically, you can customize any theme to suit your website’s needs. Some WordPress themes, however, are built from the ground up to cater to your website and the unique characteristics you need.

But you’ll probably want to add more features, regardless of whether you’re customizing a more general theme to suit your church’s needs, or you’re using a theme that’s entirely built for churches.

This is where it’s possible to come into play using a church WordPress plugin.

Best WordPress Plugins for Church Websites:                                 

  • Church Content
  • Sermon Manager
  • Faithlife Reftagger
  • PayPal Donation
  • GiveWP
  • The Events Calendar
  • Prayer Engine
  • WP Smush