Why UX And UI Is Important For Mobile Application Development

The design and look of a mobile app is very important when it comes to attracting audience and convince them to use it. Today all mobile app developers are putting user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) into consideration.

Mobile application that are built without considering UI/UX often result in failure of app and they hardly grab the attention of users. An app with easy and quick navigation system is what users are looking for.

Both user interface and user experience are equally important you cannot ignore any of these two, because both of them plays an important role in development of an application.

An excellent user interface create an instant attraction to your app, while a user experience will put a long lasting impact on your users mind.

User interface

It deals with the appearance of the app and the way to interact with users. Emphasizes on overall presentation of the application. It includes the app design, graphics and presentation.

User experience

It determines whether the users will find the app convenient for them or not. Increase the overall trust and satisfaction of your customers. An apps accessibility, simplicity, usability enhances user experience. To create an efficient UX design, you need to conduct researches on the needs of your target audience.

Role of UX and UI in success of mobile app

  • Enhances customer satisfaction hence improve ROI
  • Helps in understanding your target audience
  • It builds your brand
  • Save time and money


Developing an app that has efficient UI and UX is the first step of having a successful application. Because users prefer an app that is visually attractive and user friendly and has great functionality. A good interface gives user a realistic feel when using your app. Also provide them with continues flow of valuable information. Therefore more users will be interested in your app hence increase the traffic of your site, thereby grow your brand name.

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