Tools for Java Developers

Tools for Java Developers

Wed, 15 Dec 2021

There is no scarcity of tools for Java developers working on any type of Java application development project. The availability of a huge number of tools, frameworks, profilers, and integrated development environments is not a coincidence when considering the use of Java programming language in many sorts of app development projects, spanning from mobile to online.

However, not every tool is appropriate for every Java app development project. Before choosing a tool, Java programmers must conduct thorough research.

Essential Java Development Tools

Conducting an in-depth study into the features and functions of the tools and performing an analysis of the same with regard to your Java app development project is one technique to ensure that you have chosen the proper Java Application Development tool.

·        Apache Maven

·        GIT

·        Jenkins

·        JIRA

·        Docker

·        Gradle

·        Selenium

·        IntelliJ IDEA

·        Splunk


These technologies aren't only useful in and of themselves; they also serve as a gateway to more robust Java apps, which boosts developer productivity. However, before selecting a tool, it is critical to thoroughly examine the application development needs.