Reason Why Users Are Not Downloading Your App

According to Statistics, as of March 2017, there are around 2.2 million apps available in the app store, while in the Play store, there are 2.8 million apps. You won’t get a second chance to inspire your users into installing and using your apps in this large range of devices.

Furthermore, the survey says users only take less than a minute to assess the app. Therefore, developing an app that gives them success in terms of popularity and revenue becomes a matter of concern for mobile app developers. The successful app makes a great impact on your business and hence it needs to make throughout planning right from its commencement. The success of the application depends on the business objectives and the design of the product.


Various reasons why users are not downloading your app

  • Inadequate Market Research – Comprehensive research is needed that covers all aspects of an app. It is important to consider all factors such as the right target audience, end-user expectations, current market needs, major rivals, and many others, To improve your app download ratio.
  • Overlook Mobile operating system – The key thing to remember before beginning market research for your product is a mobile application. Creating a product using the platform based on your target audience increases your users ‘ interest. When you choose to reach the broad audience of all major platforms, you can select app creation using the various platforms.
  • Poor Security of App – App protection is one of the big factors affecting app performance. With mobile threats growing, app users are more concerned about important mobile information. They don’t download any software unless they find it as safe as possible. Therefore, improving their awareness of mobile device security is a primary duty of mobile app developers to build a highly secure application.
  • Ignoring Recent Technology – Nowadays, an app is developed by using modern technology by implementing Augmented and Virtual Reality which gives users the power of reality. Overlooking technologies will reduce the download ratio.
  • Irrelevant UI and Poor UX – User Interface and User Experience plays a critical role for good mobile apps. Designing an app and knowing your target audience and their preferences will help you choose the best UI and UX that will give your users an enjoyable user experience.
  • Imperfect App Testing – App testing is a critical stage for paying full attention to your app and keeping it both bug-free and safe. An app that does not upgrade, or adds new functionality, results in a low download ratio due to poor user ratings and reviews.
  • Incompetent App MarketingIf your app has not created a pre-launch buzz, your app will not get enough downloads. Unless and until you make an efficient marketing campaign to create a strong awareness about your app among your target audience, you cannot accomplish your desired goals.



There are many other factors including remaining uncommunicated with your users, more numbers of push alerts, security problems, inability to recognize the latest trend and several other reasons why your app doesn’t get more downloads. We at SOFTIEONS TECHNOLOGY work on mobile app development and help the customers according to their needs.