Most Common Website Mistakes

Most Common Website Mistakes

Thu, 16 Dec 2021

Bugs, bad navigation, weak content, and unappealing design are just a few of the most typical website blunders to avoid. We reported in one of our recent blog postings that the World Wide Web now has over 1.5 billion web pages. Some of them are exceptional.

8 Things You Must Consider


Not only should your website be optimized for multiple web browsers, but it should also be responsive to smartphone-based web browsers, which means it should be set up to load and display rapidly on any screen size.

Long page titles

Page titles can help visitors understand what a page is about, which can improve your website. From an SEO standpoint, it's best to keep your page names short, as search engines and browsers may cut them off if they're too long.

Too lengthy forms

A basic form is required to convert traffic into leads or to allow people to make contact with your firm. Obviously, if your form is straightforward, short, and well-done, more individuals will be willing to fill it out.

Heavy copy

Website copy should be well-written and targeted to a certain market, conveying the necessary messages and providing users with the information they require. However, if you write too much copy and aren't concise, your website content will be lifeless.

Lacking top quality content

The number one ranking requirement for search engines is high-quality content. As a result, when creating a website, pay close attention to your content and ensure that it is of excellent quality.

Poor navigation

If your website is difficult to navigate, you may lose a considerable amount of traffic and conversions. When designing a website's navigation, it's critical to make sure that the pages that customers need the most are the easiest to discover.

Poor quality images

A potential customer's initial point of contact with your firm is usually your website. As a result, nothing pixelated or blurry should be used. Many free web sources that provide copyright-free stock photographs can be used to ensure that your photos and images are of good quality.


Companies must clearly drive visitors to the next step, whether it's a purchase, a subscription, or anything else. So keep in mind that you'll need a strong Call to Action.