Link Building Strategies

Link building is simply a process of getting other website to link back to your website. All the marketers and different business owners are interested in buildings links to increase the traffic and authority on their websites.

Back links plays a significant factor in how every search engine determines which site rank for which keywords. Link building is used in search engine optimization because links are a signal to Google that your website is a quality resource, therefore a site with more backlinks tend to earn high ranking.

Link building is important for SEO because it is a major factor in how a Google ranks web pages.


Techniques of link building

  1. Natural (organic) – natural link building are that back links which are created naturally without the website owner have to go and generate them through link building practices.


  1. Unnatural (artificial) – unnatural link buildings are that artificial links which is mainly used in manipulating page ranking.



Factors to determine the quality of links

  • Relevance
  • Spam signals
  • Website engagement
  • Quality of other links on your website
  • External and internal links

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