Importance Of BaaS In Development of A Mobile App

Any project which involves the process of application development is the one that always needs attention and proper planning to its details. However, the availability of a vast number of options for mobile application developers, it has become necessary for the developers to start with the best available tools in this market.

When you are going to decide on a mobile application, you need to identify the sort of components which are required for your mobile application. This means you have to decide on the backend services which you need to have for your mobile application.


What do you mean by BaaS?

BaaS is a program that enables you to build and maintain a consolidated database that allows users to access information through the cloud. Most devices now need a web-connected backend. Many tools such as PHP and Ruby were used in the past but that was substituted by BaaS.


Features of BaaS platform

Many web-based backend frameworks can be built into the device.

  • Backend storage
  • IOS library for smooth integration
  • Freemium model
  • Value for money with the use-based pricing system
  • Increased scalability
  • Efficient performance
  • Management of commercial risk
  • Push notifications
  • User management
  • File storage
  • Geolocation
  • Ability to store customized objects



A backend as a service or Baas will help you to automate part of the work of developing backend code. The backend service providers would also be liable for installing, maintaining and scaling up software. The main reasons to use the backend as a service platform are the reduction of time to launch an app, lower development costs, and outsourcing infrastructure management. The most common features of a BaaS are data modeling, user authentication, social integration, push notifications, and others. We at SOFTIEONS TECHNOLOGY work on mobile app development and help our customers according to their needs.