WordPress: The Most Powerful Tool

WORDPRESS is an open-source content management system (CMS) and free to us, which is written in PHP and paired with MySQL database. Features that are included in a WORDPRESS is plugin architecture and a template system.
WORDPRESS was released on 27th May 2003. WORDPRESS is the most popular content management system. WORDPRESS is used by over more than 60 million websites.

Advantages of WORDPRESS
Open source program – WORDPRESS is a worldwide open-source software. It is completely free of cost and there are no hidden charges will apply if your website becomes Google’s most SEO friendly. You can develop, improve or can change your code source to build the right site according to your requirements.

Dominant for updating – WORDPRESS updates are very easy to install. The users don’t have to ascertain, install and then configure a wide list of add-ons to acquire a large number of features.

Secure platform for users – WORDPRESS is providing dynamic features to its users. However, for WORDPRESS security of users is very important. It suggests their users not to upgrade any plugin from an insecure website.

It is variable and SEO friendly – Variability is one of the greatest features of WORDPRESS. It is adaptable and adequate to satisfy all users’ desires by providing an immense list of features, functionalities, and add-ons for your blogging or your E-commerce websites.

It is highly customized and swift to operate – WORDPRESS has thousands of themes and plugins. You can customize your WORDPRESS website to achieve the best appearance and functionality as per the requirements. It is a user-friendly platform, instinctive and very simple to understand.

Massive support – WORDPRESS provides unique and remarkable support.

Single click publishes on the universal platform – WORDPRESS allows their user to publish their content with just one click. Through basic MySQL and PHP, the user can easily manage their website.

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