Why You Should Use .NET Technology for Building Your App?

The primary thing you need to learn to build up any application is the concept of your company with the intention that you can implement an acceptable application for your company. Following that, the second major thing is the selection of the right technology platform for your project.

There are various technologies available to look at when it comes to web application creation. There are open-source innovations, for example, Java and PHP, and once again the closed-source software is ASP.NET MVC.

It is very difficult and complicated for you to choose the right technology for your project. Following this article, as a guide will help, you determine if the ASP.NET core is appropriate for your application.


What do you mean by .NET?

The .NET Framework is a programming model that supports Windows, Windows Server, Windows Phone, etc. applications building and running. Microsoft designs it and operates on Microsoft Windows. The .NET Framework consists of a wide class library known as the System Class Library (FCL) and Common Language Runtime (CLR) that offers the ability to run across multiple languages.

This architecture was designed to solve many of the application development problems including long development times, inability to easily modify programs, high overall software ownership costs and ease of deployment.


Advantages of using .NET for business application development

  • Less coding
  • Increased reuse of code
  • Deployment
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Use across various platforms and languages
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Easy maintenance
  • Time-saving
  • Rich in features
  • Monitoring
  • Simple to use



Microsoft Asp. Net Platform is a commonly used platform for the creation of Web applications at the enterprise level. The Dot Net technology offers unprecedented advantages for various issues such as memory management, protection and exceptional handling, which a developer may face. The above benefits made Asp   .Net Framework an excellent option for the development of .Net Application Development.

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