Why Should Mobile App Startups Choose Flutter?

Why Should Mobile App Startups Choose Flutter?

Thu, 08 Apr 2021

At its middle, Flutter is a blend of all the best Google ideas and innovations, a blend that has resulted in a powerful mobile platform being developed. Flutter comes motivated by a variety of features that have never been seen before in a cross-platform environment, based on Dart, the in-house Google Programming Language.

When we speak about mobile app growth, there are two choices to choose from – Native Applications and Cross-Platform Mobile Apps – both businesses and startups are asked to.

Native apps are those designed exclusively for one device-either Android or iOS, there are cross-platform applications designed to run in one go on both Android and iOS.

There are a range of advantages associated with the prospect of creating an app that would simultaneously live on both iOS and Android-

  • Lowered Developmental Effort
  • Lowered Testing Time
  • Lowered App Development Cost
  • Faster time to market


Why Should Startups Choose Flutter

  • The creation of flutter mobile apps helps to address the many established limitations of cross-platform route
  • Efficiency increases by ten percent for developers
  • Flutter is a strong programming experience hands-down
  • An Instant Startup Seller is the option to use Firebase as backend
  • Fuchsia, the Next Google Operating System, will be using Flutter



These present and futuristic advantages or USPs make flutter an event for startups that is demanded by any technology entrepreneur looking for a technology that is not only backed by tailor-made design but also helps save time while being innovative in the growth.