What is user-generated content?

What is user-generated content?

Wed, 07 Apr 2021

Today, customers are readily expressing their views on your products and services online. They will shower you with praise if you serve them well. You have a chance to listen to them and modify your offerings according to their liking.

Under User Generated Content (UGC), their reviews, comments, social media posts, Q&A articles, etc., all come.


Types of User-Generated Content:

Social Media Content:

On social media, people share their daily activities. Social media is filled with tonnes of video and short-video content, apart from photos. They knowingly share their affection for a brand with every post.

Reviews and Testimonials:

To share product reviews, e-commerce websites have a dedicated section. Positive reviews improve the score of the item, and the same is also reflected in the recurrence of its purchase. Many websites also have a comment section, apart from e-commerce stores, where users can express their raw views. An integral part of any B2B, B2C brand website is client and consumer testimonials.

Live Streams:

Thanks to the high-speed internet, you can now stream Instagram lives, video calls, etc., flawlessly. These are long-form videos involving general discussions, reviews of products, and more. Video content for live streaming is constantly increasing.

Benefits of UGC for your Brand:

  • Provides Social Proof
  • Offers Valuable Insights
  • Boosts SEO Performance