What Is the Need for Google’s E-A-T?

Google’s E-A-T

Google’s E-A-T, where E-A-T is an abbreviation reflecting the best three elements (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) that Google uses to settle on the validity of the website and its quality.

While it is true that Google frequently makes minor changes to its core algorithm, most of those updates fly under the radar. It is only the big changes that have a large effect on page rankings. And, Google’s E-A-T update is one that has a significant effect on all pages.

Introduced in the second half of 2018, the E-A-T update did not yield much news like other updates from Google in the past – like the Google Panda, Mobilegeddon. Still, that’s not to suggest it should be dismissed. Here, in this article, we’re telling you everything you need to know about the E-A-T update – its impact on page rankings, and what you need to do to keep your site running well.

Expertise – Either the author or the site owner is informed about the subject on the web on which they are talking.

Authoritativeness – The reputation of the content publishing platform. Credibility is determined by using genuine testimonials, ratings from outside, certificates, etc.

Trustworthiness – This specifies that the overall trustworthiness of the site includes health, quality of the site, etc.

How You Get Affected By The E-A-T Guidelines And Why Do You Need It?

  • Delete from your Site all Spammy and Irrelevant content
  • Ensure author names & biographies are included for all content
  • Optimize the Around Page
  • Control your Image Online
  • Ultimately, concentrate on creating meaningful content and of high quality