What Is Google Analytics Phone Click Tracking Event

What Is Google Analytics Phone Click Tracking Event

Mon, 12 Apr 2021

Is the contact number of your Website clickable? If no, then get more conversion rate to enforce it. For Google Analytics event tracking, one can insert a script code to allow clicking on the phone and track those clicks.

Benefits of Phone Click Tracking

Clickable contact number

A user can press the contact number directly from the mobile phone and can call the person or business in question directly.

Number of calls

One will provide accurate reports on the amount of clicked or made calls, as well as the user’s phone calls, can be compared.

Call location

A user may also ask where the calls originated or where they were made.

PPC performance

Track the Pay Per Click (PPC) landing page results. A call tracking will help you recognize which landing page can generate the maximum number of calls, offer quality leads, and better conversion rate.


To better understand how to invest in marketing budget track the number of conversions obtained with each marketing campaign.

How to Implement Phone Click Google Analytics Event Tracking

Step1. Start for tel feature please add anchor name.

Step2. A user has to include JavaScript code in the website’s Header Tag below.

Step3. The user now has to open Google Analytics and set a new target.

Step4. Now in Google Analytics users need to check Real-Time data.