What is flutter app development?

If you are in the mobile app development industry so you know that there are main two platforms for app development- iOS and Android. You are writing code for both. There are different platforms for app development such as PhoneGap from Adobe, Xamarin from Microsoft and React Native from Facebook end each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. Developers are all the time looking to expand their knowledge and learn new technologies so they can build high-performing applications. In February 2018 Google announced a new platform for app development and that is Flutter. Here we are discussing the Flutter app development technology.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is one kind of open-source. It is not a framework; it is a complete software development kit (SDK). It is used to develop all kinds of mobile applications like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia and the web. Flutter includes a ready-made widget, testing and integration API, and command-line tools.

Some Facts about Flutter

  • It is Free and open-source
  • Uses the C++ rendering engine
  • Based on the Dart programming language
  • Provides widgets

Its architecture is based on reactive programming.

Benefits of Flutter Development

There are so many benefits and advantages of Flutter Development and now it is very much popular for mobile app development. Here we are discussing some benefits of it.

  • Open-source

It is an open-source platform and manages by Google. It will help you to develop your mobile app.

  • Cross-platform

It allows you to build cross-platform native apps and that will help you to build the faster app. Your app will work on multiple platforms like Android and iOS. Its inbuilt widget development features automatically adjust your app style components like button, Menu, Text, and others.

  • Fast Development

In Flutter development, everything is about widgets and you can build widgets as per your mobile app component. It’s Hot-Reload and fully-customizable widgets feature helps you to build a native app interface in minutes so you can design your app very fast.

  • Native performance

By using Flutter app development your mobile performs a native app like Scrolling, Icons, Menu, Text, Navigation, Fonts, and others.

There are so many popular companies using Flutter development techniques like Google, Alibaba, eBay, BMW, NU Bank, and many more.

So we can say that Flutter development is very much useful for your mobile app development and it gives so many benefits.

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