Unique features must-have in your Fitness Tracking App

Unique features must-have in your Fitness Tracking App

Thu, 08 Apr 2021

The benefits of customized fitness tracking apps for scheduling workouts on the move can be leveraged by fitness enthusiasts and working individuals. To make it easier for users to stay healthy by initiating and managing fitness activities, fitness app development companies can integrate different features and excellent functionality into the tracking app. Not only does the fitness tracking app track fitness activities, but it also motivates users to manage workouts.

The development company needs to consider different devices and wearables when it comes to fitness app development. Fitness tracking apps should, in other words, be compatible with wearable devices.

When you build an app for tracking fitness activities, here are the features you need to consider.

Push Notifications:

No fitness enthusiasts like to miss a workout session, but they tend to skip or omit at times due to their business schedules. There they can be reminded and motivated by a push notification from your fitness app. This is a major reason why the development company for the fitness app invests a lot of time and effort in making the notification system more accurate and powerful.


This allows the user to track their paths, create and manage workouts, and record their operations. It allows them to track and save all the records and progression of fitness over the period. Geolocation also helps users with jogging and other running exercises to measure distance. This function is integrated by the fitness app development company to attract more individuals.


It is also known as a meter of altitude and is useful for measuring an object’s altitude above the preset level. To track the altitude or change in height when app users climb stairs, you can integrate it into your fitness app. This feature can be integrated by the app development company to help users measure the effort and the result of jogging and running. Users can also see how many calories are burned through this function in real-time.

Food Tracker:

Without food and nutrition-related features, any health and fitness apps are incomplete. The food tracker is one such significant feature. It allows users of your app to store their food intake and get calorie intake information. In a way, compared to the daily body requirement, a food tracker can show how many additional calories we take. A food tracker feature motivates users to produce healthy food without increasing fat in their bodies that can easily meet their daily requirements.

Sleep Tracker:

For good health, good sleep is essential. It is difficult to sustain a healthy sleep cycle in today’s hectic schedule and stressful environment. In a way, a Sleep tracker may be one of the must-have features for your application for fitness tracking. It tracks the sleep of the user and finds the moment when the sound sleep has not been received by the user.

Water Tracker:

The water tracker is another relevant feature of the fitness app. This feature will certainly appeal to your app users as it demonstrates the intake of water and helps users maintain the water level in their body. Users are also reminded to drink water and stay hydrated.