Travel App Development

The digital transition is no exception to the travel industry. After studying changed preferences and traveler behavior patterns, the concept of travel agency app development has gained traction. Developing travel apps is a one-stop agency solution that enables prospective travelers to plan multiple activities through a pocket-sized device. Now that travel agencies invest money in the development of travel apps, it’s important to know what features should be included in it for maximum returns to be derived. Below is a list of features that the travel agency mobile app should ideally possess:

Automatic Travel Itinerary Generator

According to the latest study from the world’s leading travel firms, it is noted that people prefer to schedule their trips individually over ready-made itineraries provided by travel agencies. Observing this phenomenon, travel agencies now come up with a clear requirement to provide users with a ‘simple itinerary generator’ as a travel mobile app function. Based on the details of the ‘location’ entered by the user, itinerary generator prepares travel schedule for the desired number of days including details of the sightseeing places to visit and activities to be done.

Weather Forecast, Offline Site Map and Navigation

Knowledge of climatic conditions at the destination is of primary importance for travelers. Mobile travel agency app should give users enough information on a particular place’s daytime and night temperature. Travel app allowing users to enter custom dates for obtaining weather information is preferred because it enables them to schedule potential trips. Offline map and navigation functionality have significance, especially in mobile travel apps, despite poor cellular networks and remote internet access.

Travel Booking App Development

Online reservations are the need of the hour. If mobile apps for travel agencies do not allow online flight and hotel reservations, they do not serve users’ purposes. If your app has built-in functionality that allows users to make hotel reservations and flight ticket reservations, they would not be redirected to other online reservation apps.

In-Built Currency Convertor and Translator

The development strategy for travel apps will include ‘currency converter’ and ‘language translator’ functions. From the user’s point of view, these features are critical when they go on international trips. In international trips, language translator is of great importance for understanding and interacting with the language of local people. When travel agencies incorporate such user-oriented features in the app, travel mobile app usability improves drastically.

Reviews, Recommendations, and Feedback

The examination of past travelers matters a lot in the case of the travel industry. It is also likely that the user wants to visit a location he/she has never previously experienced. Consequently, users typically tend to read site reviews and nearby hotels to inform their decision. The mobile travel agency app will feature a decent number of favorable user-referenced comments. Creation of the Travel App should be such that users can post comments and share experiences to make the app more private.

Integration of Payment Gateway in Travel App Development

A secure payment gateway should be integrated into the mobile app for the travel agencies to make it easy for travelers to pay for flight booking or hotel accommodation. When such features are incorporated into the travel mobile app, searching for tickets or hotel rooms, finding the best deal, and making the reservations becomes extremely convenient for a user.

Customer Service through Mobile App

Travel agency’s Mobile App may include an option to chat with agents. For organizations that don’t have enough support staff members, AI-driven Chatbots can be introduced that give device users 24/7 assistance. Since users have a choice to address their question with a travel agency at any time and anywhere, they feel linked to the brand and this increases their chances of using it again to make bookings.

Support for Social Media Sharing

Everyone knows the influence of social media. Digital-age people are more likely to share their travel experiences with the social group. It is more important as a travel agency mobile app provides integration with customer social media accounts.

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