Top Hosted Ecommerce Platforms of 2020

Top Hosted Ecommerce Platforms of 2020

Wed, 07 Apr 2021

Ecommerce is a raging market, and it is one of the potential options for business. You need to make certain investments to construct every asset. The situation with your online store is close. The challenge is to find the best offer for your budget, especially when you’re a start-up.

We suggest you sit down with your partners and settle on the business model you want to work with before you take the next step. You may rely on self-hosted e-commerce platforms and hosted e-commerce platforms to get your website built. Depending on the business model you prefer and the budget you set aside, pick one of the two choices.

Hosted e-commerce sites are committed to hosting a range of cloud server online stores. The hosted e-commerce sites are most, if not all, intended to be used for the use of laymen. So, to build your shop, you don’t need technical skills, and you can even manage to customize your store and upgrade stuff on your own on the backend.

These platforms give you access to all the useful e-commerce features and compulsory features such as integration of payment gateway, security updates, catalog ease & order management. To streamline your business operations, the advanced features of integrated CRM and marketing ease the burden of opting for third party applications.

Top Hosted Ecommerce Platforms Of 2020

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Volusion


You should update your business plan to rely on advanced e-commerce features such as integration of sales platforms, abandonment of cart recovery, advanced business reports, measurement of live shipment rate, and payment gateways.

The big picks for ecommerce enthusiasts in 2020 were these. You get complete control over the front-end and back-end of your store by using the hosted ecommerce platform to build the ecommerce store. As per your preference, you can customize it and add your personal touch.