Top Finance App ideas for Startups

Top Finance App ideas for Startups

Thu, 08 Apr 2021

While witnessing a paradigm shift from traditional payment into online payment, the BFSI sector thrives at a rapid pace. In the financial sector, the term coined after the integration of technology has added convenience for clients and security for financial institutions.

Today, as individuals tend to use robust digital payment solutions to make payments online, the fintech sector can offer start-ups a new set of opportunities.

Finance App Ideas for Startups:

Digital Banking:

This is one of the most important ideas startups should consider for fintech apps. Digital payment solutions have made transactions easier and allowed individuals to make payments online. For money transfer and other reasons, banks and financial institutions want to offer their customers a facility so that they do not need to visit the branch or even ATMs.

Digital banking solutions are designed to help clients invest, open accounts, block or unblock cards, add recipients, and the like by using only a few taps on dedicated apps.

Digital Wallet App:

Without using physical wallets and credit or debit cards, the eWallet app development company enables app users to make online transactions. With just a few taps, users can make payments and get discounts or coupons in return.

If a startup wants to come up with a digital wallet app, by improving security and offering an outstanding user experience, it can gain traction.

Blockchain Apps:

For all firms in the BFSI sector, blockchain technology is useful. These apps can provide users with plenty of options while providing improved security when making online transactions. Using cryptocurrencies, these applications also allow users to transact.

Crypto exchange Platform:

For financial startups, this is an innovative and unique app idea. Users can enter the decentralized market for cryptocurrencies through the platform. Cryptocurrencies, instead of other digital currencies, are traded. Some of the crypto exchange platform‘s best features include transparency, lower fees, faster processing, and the highest level of security.