The cost of launching a Shopify-powered e-commerce site

The cost of launching a Shopify-powered e-commerce site

Fri, 24 Dec 2021

Shopify's meteoric rise E-commerce has effectively transformed the world into a global village. Websites have risen to the top of business executives' priorities lists, and it's critical that you provide your company with an online digital presence in order to reach new heights. However, creating and maintaining an E-Commerce website is a difficult undertaking. Thousands of back-end tasks go into creating a website that provides a flawless purchasing experience.

As previously said, operating and maintaining an E-Commerce website is highly pricey. After all, you may think of it as a virtual version of your actual store, with the exception that it serves clients from all over the world. Everything, from design to accessibility to security, must be examined in order to create an E-Commerce website that customers can rely on and trust.

But it all boils down to a single question: HOW MUCH DOES AN E-COMMERCE WEBSITE COST?

Making an e-commerce website in India costs a lot of money.

So, let's take a quick look at the components that make up website charges. When it comes to launching a website, there is a slew of fees to consider: domain fees, hosting fees, design fees, CMS fees, Responsive web fees, and a slew of others. It's a group of specialists that have come together to create a website that will make you money.

Are you planning on creating an e-commerce website for your company?

So, to make things easier to comprehend, let's break down the costs:

Domain Fees– Domain fees for any website can range from INR180 to 6000 per year. To keep your website up and running, you must renew your domain licence once a year. You may find available domain names from domain registrars such as Bluehost, Go Daddy, Google, and others.

Depending on the Server services and the plan you select, hosting costs range from INR 2000 to 30,000. When choosing a plan, it's critical to understand your requirements.

Charges for web design– The style of a website is important not only for aesthetic reasons but also for psychological reasons in the eyes of visitors. Web design is as much psychologically as visually related, from icon placement to colour schemes to content arrangement. Designers in India charge anywhere from 15k to 300k for creating a website of your calibre.

Charges for SEO - When developing or running an eCommerce website, you can't afford to cut corners on SEO. It's what keeps you relevant, visible, and at the top of search results.

We may estimate that the cost of developing an E-Commerce website in India ranges from 60-70K to Lakhs, based on a variety of factors.

The cost of developing a Shopify website in India

Shopify has made the creation of an E-Commerce website a lot easier with its vast and comprehensive easy set capabilities. It's the world's largest e-commerce platform with fully hosted cloud solutions. It is your trump card for rapidly growing your business. Not only does it offer unlimited bandwidth and support, but it also allows you to fully configure your E-Commerce software to meet your specific requirements. If you're thinking about getting into the E-Commerce business, Shopify is the perfect place to start.

Here's a comprehensive guide on Shopify pricing in India.

You can choose from Shopify's 5 options, which include everything from simple app integrations to personalised storefronts, as well as unrivalled security and consistent customer support.

The most basic Shopify plan

It costs $29.00 each month (INR 2200).

The basic Shopify package includes an SSL certificate and allows you to establish a fully functional website. It is essentially a smartphone application that allows you to process orders and collect payments and allows you to update an endless number of products for your store.


Shopify is priced at 79$ a month and is the best-selling plan for a reason. (5900 INR)

Plan for advanced Shopify users

Shopify's advanced plan costs 299 dollars per month (INR 22126).

This is an excellent idea for businesses looking to expand their online E-commerce operations. It combines all of the capabilities of the basic and Shopify plans and serves as a stepping stone to your larger E-Commerce endeavour.

Lite Plan for Shopify

This $9/month (INR 700) package allows you to create a whole business using Facebook and Messenger integration. It's ideal for small-scale entrepreneurs who want to start a digital business without having to build a website, as well as those who want to integrate sales into their current websites.

Gold Plan on Shopify

This fully customised package costs 2000$ per month (INR 150000) and allows you to quickly and easily create and curate your own E-Commerce business.

To summarise, Shopify is a fantastic place to start your e-commerce journey. It's certain to make your digital journey more enjoyable, with everything from online customisable solutions to dependable cloud platforms and unwavering customer service. You may take advantage of their 14-day free trial to learn more about the platform's suitability for your business.

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