SharePoint vs. Drupal

SharePoint vs. Drupal

Sat, 10 Apr 2021

Nowadays businesses move to dynamic websites because they are visually engaging and not too time-consuming from a maintenance point of view. In this growth, a content management system plays an important role. It provides an online interface that’s easy and quick to manage content on the site. It helps streamline business processes and make productivity higher. Drupal and SharePoint are currently the two most sought after technologies to create efficient content management systems.

Microsoft SharePoint is extensive software for document management and project management, and Drupal is a dedicated content management system.




Type CMS Framework Content Management System
Purpose Scalable Websites Intranet Document Management
Latest Version Drupal 8.8 SharePoint Server 2019


SharePoint Enterprise 2019

Operating System Independent Platform Windows
License GNU General Public License Proprietary, Open API

Drupal Pros and Cons:



·       Easy to implement and customize


·       Flexibility, SEO-friendly, Advance              catalog management

·       Dedicated community

·       Steep learning curve


·       Slower speed then SharePoint

·       No backward compatibility to the            previous version

SharePoint Pros and Cons:



·       Easy to use, intuitive interface


·       Cross-team collaboration, extensive functionality, office 365 integration

·       Highly secure

·       Complex initial setup


·       Expensive then Drupal

·       Not mobile & SEO friendly

Popular Brands who use Drupal:

  • Oxford University
  • Tesla Motors
  • SpaceX
  • The Beatles

Popular Brands who use SharePoint:

  • Australian Immigration
  • Kuwait Airways
  • Mecklenburg County Government
  • Central Michigan University

Which one is better?

This depends on the specific requirements of your business. SharePoint custom development is ideal as it requires limited customization for faster to market CMS system. On the other hand, if you have a large project with the development of custom modules and robust performance needs, then Drupal is a better option.