Rejection reasons for an iOS application

There are certain criteria in every application store, so the app store has them. If the application of a developer fits into its criteria, there are negotiations if the application must not be rejected. In making iOS apps for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPad, some world-class developers are the king.

If you are new to the process of iOS development, you probably do not know about the submission of apps to the app store. To submit your applications, there are a lot of steps. If you have no idea, you can visit our post. Thousands of applications are released daily and, due to certain errors, many of them are rejected. You need to review Apple’s guidelines before submitting an iOS application.

Issue of performance:

No matter how good the design of your application is, all versions of iOS devices are expected to work smoothly. If there is a problem with the navigation controller if the entry screen causes some error or delay on the start screen, it takes too long to load your application will be rejected by Apple.

The information is not accurate:

Before submitting your application, you need to complete all the requirements of the connecting app store. If your app needs authorization, for example, you need to provide valid authorization details along with it. If there is a different way of using your application, it is necessary to mention the description. A contact person’s proper details should be there.

Policies Privacy:

The developer is limited to using the user’s data only if permitted by the user. As a developer, you need to ask for permission to access user information. Apps cannot transmit a user’s data without obtaining prior permission from the user.

Inaccurate Description:

This is the case when some characters are required to describe an application. Make sure that your description is up to the point and relevant to the features of the app. You’ll find yourself in trouble if your description misleads users into downloading the app.

Interface User:

You need to deal with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines when it comes to the user interface. This demonstrates how an application that allows users to use their applications can be designed.

At the end:

These are some potential reasons for the app store’s rejection of apps. There are a lot more reasons for rejecting your request. Thanks to Apple who, along with the rejected binary, provides a reason. You can contact an apple directly for more queries.