PHP Vs Python

The creation of web and mobile apps has become a vital feature of today’s consumer industry. Businesses around the world need versatile and scalable software and websites.

Consequently, they expect it to have an acceptable coding language. Numerous programming languages are currently used for this purpose. The PHP vs. Python combat, however, is familiar to most developers.

The option between PHP and Python can be difficult to create, being the two most commonly used languages for backend development, with several compelling attributes. In both, whether it is PHP or Python development business, there is a lot of growth that is observed.

Factors that Affect the Choice of Web Framework Selection


A complex programming language is not going to be time-consuming or cost-effective. It is fairly quick to learn both PHP and Python. PHP offers enormous community support that adds to its ease of learning.

Documentation Availability

The availability of documentation is important for developers to consider the different aspects of a language. When it comes to PHP vs. Python, both are readily accessible for documentation in the form of blogs, forums, tutorials.

Library Support

With the presence of well-developed library support, the growth process becomes quite easy. Here, you can easily overcome the uncertainty about PHP or Python. Due to its extensive ML libraries like Keras, TensorFlow, Theano, etc., Python easily forges ahead in this regard. On the other hand, PHP only has one library called Packagist.

Provision of Robust Web Development Frameworks

The need to reinvent functionality is reduced by well-designed and easy-to-use web frameworks. It’s not difficult to choose between PHP and Python in this regard. It depends primarily on the choice of developers.

Speed of Execution

The low latency and high tolerance performance of all server-side applications require a fast execution-time programming language. For developers developing performance-critical applications to be used by millions of people every day, PHP vs. Python comparison in terms of speed is essential.

Easy syntax

A simple and succinct syntax allows a code developer without thinking about its relevant limitations. PHP or Python, in this case, both have good choices.


Businesses with a tight budget choose free frameworks to use. Here, since both languages are free and open-source, the war between the PHP vs. Python battle comes to a tie. It contributes greatly to their benefit over other paying systems.

Management of Environments

If you use containers for your application development process, environmental management is not a matter of concern. However, you need to decide between PHP and Python if you need to segregate the installed language and library versions of your app.