Paperless Office: OCR can help make the change

Paperless Office: OCR can help make the change

Fri, 09 Apr 2021

Everybody needs to decrease their carbon emissions and a big option is to use less paper. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. The recognition of text inside images, such as scanned documents and photos, is a widespread technology. OCR technology is used to convert virtually any type of image containing written text into machine-readable text data, such as typed, handwritten, or printed text.

OCR converts printed paper documents into machine-readable text documents. Once a scanned paper document has undergone OCR processing, word processors such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs can edit the text of the document.

OCR is often used in our daily lives as a hidden technology, powering many well-known systems and services. OCR technology involves automation of data entry, search engine indexing documents, automatic number plate recognition, as well as assisting blind and visually impaired people.

In digitizing historical newspapers and texts that have now been converted into fully searchable formats, OCR technology has proven immensely useful and made accessing those previous texts easier and faster.

The advantages of Paperless office:

  • Time-saving:

Unlike other times in which details and information are keyed, the optical lens here covers and saves all the pieces at a snap. You don’t have to dig into many manual files that look for receipts and data. You have all that you want when you click on your phone or laptop.

  • Saves on spending:

This is a situation that is a win-win. To have your accounts running anymore, you don’t have to employ as many professionals. You gain a lot of efficiencies, all thanks to technology. Information, whether considered lost or difficult to find, is also more comfortable and faster to retrieve. This also saves you some cash that you would have invested in printing, transporting, storing and copying.

  • Quick data capture:

Almost like the human brain, OCR receipts work. It understands human intelligence, so all tickets are captured accurately. Near-perfect data capture, therefore.

  • Accurate:

In the past few years, OCR accuracy has grown exponentially on all receipts that include dates, establishments, and totals. It is now possible to capture additional forms.

  • Tragedy recaptures:

In some instances, you probably don’t want to lose data as much as this is inevitable. It’s the way to go to have a sound recovery plan, and OCR receipts have you covered. It will be recovered as well as it was because it was saved in the cloud in case a file breaks or a document or gadget catches fire.

The most critical consideration of any business company today is the security of information. High quality, accurate GDPR, and SOC3 compliant services are the safest way to save any comprehensive or financial document.