Key Benefits of DevOps

Key Benefits of DevOps

Fri, 17 Dec 2021

In the IT business, DevOps has gained a lot of traction and attention, and for all the right reasons. Quicker delivery and faster turnaround time in the software development arena have become critical variables that affect an organization's growth due to the always changing and fast-paced work environment. As a result, DevOps was born to make it easier to produce high-quality goods with few to no post-production defects.

DevOps is a term that combines software development (Dev.) and operations (Ops). Patrick Debois coined the word in 2009 to describe a method for delivering software updates, bug fixes, and new features in a timely and effective manner.

The IT industry's definition of DevOps, on the other hand, differs widely. To some, it denotes a method or a standard. Others use it to refer to an IT industry's integrated "culture." Regardless of how we define DevOps, it is critical to comprehend how the DevOps journey works in order to enjoy its benefits.

Benefits of DevOps

·        Ensure faster deployment

·        Stabilize work environment

·        Significant improvement in product quality

·        Automation in repetitive tasks leaves more space for innovation

·        Promotes agility in your business

·        Continuous delivery of software

·        Fast and reliable problem-solving techniques

·        Transparency leads to high productivity

·        Minimal cost of production