Internet of Things (IoT) Starter Development Kits

In this age of automation and artificial intelligence, advances are constantly taking place to make current things scalable and versatile. Recently, IoT has made it possible without human or computer interaction to communicate over a network.

To store and track data according to a set of instructions, IoT devices are used. A recent survey shows that today there are roughly 30 billion IoT devices. By the year-end, their market value is bound to reach 7.71 trillion.

For the rapid production of IT solutions and IoT Kit is intended. Breadboards, extension boards, jumper wires, batteries, sensors, power supplies, and actuators are usually part of the IoT development kit.

IoT technology is used for automation. An IoT software firm such as Google aims to offer artificial intelligence-aligned smarter IoT products. It can be hard to choose a single IoT Kit from among the range of options available. Some of the best ones are listed below:

IoT Starter Kit

  • Grove Maker Kit for Intel Joule
  • SparkFun IoT starter kit
  • Grove IoT Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi
  • MakerFocus Development Board Kit
  • Particle Maker IoT Kit
  • Particle Argon IoT development kit
  • AT&T IoT starter kit


If you choose the right IoT package, there are several possibilities that you can discover. The ones mentioned above are representative of numerous capabilities for IoT development kits. With them, it becomes much simpler to create IoT projects.