Importance of Real-Time Features Integration Leads to Your Mobile App Success

Using real-time features in your mobile app is a necessity. Most business apps come with features such as push notification, a real-time update, instant messaging and live order status monitoring. Real-time technology delivers information to the users in the actual-time scenario.

This technology has become increasingly evident in the growth of the Smartphone and web apps over the past few years. Currently, existing firms, as well as startups, are integrating real-time functionality to improve connectivity in their mobile apps.

Such features can help both end-users and companies, as they can enjoy quick, efficient, and convenient communication. Business companies must take into account the following advantages and add real-time features to their apps:

  • Apps with real-time features can produce a greater degree of user interaction. Such features allow the app to replicate the actions of the real world.
  • The technology empowers to connect with the users of other applications in a natural manner.
  • Real-time features also allow developers to more concentrate on the apps ‘ core competencies. Those include an updated user interface, built-in creative app features, immersive user experience, and so on.
  • With cloud delivery networks available now, the developers need not worry about the maintenance expenses and other costs, when they make these features available to the users.


Features that are crucial for mobile app

  • Push notifications – A significant feature of both mobile and web applications is push notification. This method is particularly useful when you want to make the users aware of the features of the app or the new products.
  • Real-time feed – This specific feature is already available on top social media platforms. Once you incorporate real-time feed into your business app, end-users will profit tremendously. They remain updated with any new content you publish on your website. They don’t miss out on any significant feed in the process.
  • Multi-user collaboration – You will allow users to add, update, edit or remove data simultaneously when you incorporate real-time functionality in your apps.
  • Integration of IoT devices – When you integrate real-time features on your apps, you can allow the users to add, update, edit or delete data simultaneously.
  • Real-time messaging – IoT (Internet of Things) is another crucial feature, which can refine the experience of the end-users.
  • Live streaming – Live streaming has proved to be a popular feature of modern apps. This enabled mobile apps to build and produce user-friendly data to enable deep interactions.
  • Live order status – Particularly, shipping and distribution companies incorporate this functionality to improve the overall customer experience using GPS. They can monitor the order status and location in real-time and connect with the service provider via the same device. It also creates greater interaction among users and strengthens the company.



The core objective of real-time functionality in mobile apps is to provide consumers with reliable and accurate information. A seamless relationship between marketers and consumers is essential for any company to be successful. Real-time functionality in mobile apps helps both parties work for optimum returns in close association. We at SOFTIEONS TECHNOLOGY work on web development and mobile app development and help our customers according to their business needs.