How to use GIFs and its advantages in digital marketing

GIFs are brief animated videos that can also be shared easily through mediums and devices. Some famous memes come in GIF form and it’s very normal for some GIFs to become viral. GIFs are used in the stories of users on many different digital platforms, and particularly on Instagram and other social media platforms. GIFs are used to express an emotion or state of being and can be amusing and very enjoyable to use these little animated pictures.

GIFs have seen a rise in popularity on social media sites over the last few years. The popularity has significantly increased as companies have started to integrate GIFs into their online marketing strategies such as Samsung and Starbucks are some of the big names that use GIFs to bring their social media marketing strategy to life and excitement.

GIF Engine Optimization (GEO)                               

If you are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) or are a search engine power user, you know that a search engine aims to get the end-user the best response to their question as soon as possible. GIF search engines do the same. They want to encourage users to respond quickly with extremely important and sometimes hilarious GIFs in the messaging conversations.

All of this helps the search engines better understand the content and meaning of the GIF to support end-user choices based on keyword requests for suitable GIFs and provide a great user experience.

Advantages of GIF in Digital Marketing

  1. Creates attractive Ads for Your Product or Events

These days, animated photos are the best choice to use to advertise goods or events. The explanation is that they can better show your goods and are a perfect way to catch the interest of your audience and inspire them to make purchases. GIFs are very useful in showcasing the important characteristics of the items and events. Doing this helps the target market to view the product more closely.

  1. Shows Your Brand Personality

Animated content is a perfect way to tell the viewers who you are, and what the brand’s personality. GIFs are the perfect way of communicating in a highly creative way. We are engaging and emotionally bind you with your customers, thus adding life to your brand. GIFs prove you have a human element and you care about the social media experience you offer your client. Your engagement with your audience is more convincing and engaging with the animated pictures. The humorous aspect is linked to GIFs and allows the audience to engage with you for longer periods as they find the topic interesting to them.

  1. GIFs are great for storytelling

People find GIFs simpler to handle than other formats and they’re fun to use with clients. GIFs also provide brands with an exciting and enjoyable alternative to tell their stories in a very engaging way. It takes less time to express the message to an audience using a GIF, and the human aspect inside it makes it easily consumable.

  1. GIFs engage your audience

GIFs are also known to promote UGC-User Generated Social Media content. UGC brings huge social media interest to the brands. The more content that users and customers are create the more exposure the brand is receiving. Through GIFs, you can help reach out easily and organically to the viewers and get instantly active participation.

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