How to provide feedback to your web designer

The decision to build a new website was made by you. You have given a ton of guidance to your web designer or web design company and you are waiting patiently for your first draught design. So you’ve got to give feedback to the web designer after work. It’s not as easy as it sounds to provide feedback. Maybe you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, or maybe you just don’t know exactly what you don’t like. Here are some tips for helping you give your web designer thoughtful feedback.

Be specific:

It’s important to be as specific as possible when giving feedback to your designer. You’re saving time for both you and your web designer by providing specific feedback, allowing them to focus on fixing the details.

Use examples:                                                                              

We always ask our customers to provide a list of websites they like and don’t like it whenever we begin a web design project. We never aim to copy the work of someone else, but reviewing our customers’ websites may help us spot a common theme and know what to integrate into your website.

Be flexible:

Photo selection is one thing that we find customers get hung up on all the time. Typically, if a draught is presented by your web designer, he or she uses stock photos to serve as placeholders. These stock photos are just meant to show how your website will place photos. We ask our customers to understand that once we are about to go live, these changes are minor and can be addressed.

Listen to your web designer’s thoughts:

Your web designer may make decisions for several reasons, such as usability, readability, ADA compliance, best practice, etc. If you want to remove something from your website, but your designer recommends keeping it, listen to their thoughts and reasoning.