How to Improve your Mobile App’s Performance

Mobile phones are very much popular than websites. Mobile apps consider half of the global internet traffic. Mobile apps are software applications and their design for Smartphones and tablets. Mobile applications are completely different from websites and it is very important for your business or other related things. And its performance is influential for your brand or business.

Why mobile app performance is important???

When anyone is developing a mobile app, it’s easy to only focus on user experience, design, and app promotion. But the biggest challenge is performing the app. When your mobile app does not provide good performance, it can affect your brand and your customers away from you.

How to improve your mobile app performance??

Here we are discussing how to improve your mobile app performance.

Minimize the app size:

The Mobile phone doesn’t have a powerful GPU-Graphics Processing Unit. When your app size is larger, it takes a lot of time to download. And some mobile phones don’t even support 2G or 3G. So keep the size of your app minimize.

Optimize Networking:

Try to give first preference to text and after that image. Fore optimize networking first load text and avoid duplicate network requests. Improve your network quality and your app takes how much time for it is very important.

Effective API design:

The API design is to developing application programming interfaces (API). It is important to modern organizations, add new capabilities. API design has a huge impact on your app’s performance.

Reduced HTTP request:

HTTP requests required to fetch the resources for each page to simplify things for your app.

Optimize Image:

To optimize the image for high app performance you have to do,

  • Use vector images
  • Serve dynamic image sizes
  • Use image caching
  • Use libraries like Picasso and Fresco

Cache Data to Optimize for Offline Mode:

You have to display whatever data you have while fetching the required data when your network is weak.

For this,

  • Reduce your server load
  • Improving your app’s battery life

Optimizing Screen Size

Create an offline mode

After doing all this thing launches your app at the right time.


Good app performance directly affects user retention rate, ratings, number of downloads, conversions, and ultimately, revenue. So also focus on mobile app performance.

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