How to find Technology Partner for your Startup

How to find Technology Partner for your Startup

Sat, 10 Apr 2021

In the technology sector, collaboration is the key to industry success. Whatever type of product a company offers, it needs a versatile system that it can integrate with other partners in the technology. The more compatible your product is with other brands, the more it will reach your market for that.

The partner program plays a key role in making your product relevant and retainable. Working with your competitors is one way to keep up with these.

What are technology partners?

A technology partnership is a collaboration between the vendors in order to provide customers with products and services. Partnerships are crucial in the field of technology because no IT vendor can do everything. Strategic alliances are developed to achieve maximum productivity.

The partnership’s main aim is the smooth implementation and integration of technical systems. As well as helping businesses with their own IT system, partnerships also allow them to connect with other organizations’ systems. This makes for a seamless data exchange process.

On the other hand, when competitors collaborate for a project, there are some cases too. Apple and Google have announced that they are working together to create the iCloud storage system.

Acquiring technology partners

Here are some things to consider about what a partnership entails.

Setting up a business partnership

Although each partnership is unique, these are some of the common items to consider:

  • Appointing personnel
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Capital/expense division
  • Division of profits, compensation, and losses
  • Major decisions
  • Dissolution
  • Buy-sell agreement
  • Grounds of expulsion
  • Non-compete agreement