EBook: Mobile E-commerce Experience

Sales or transactions made using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets are mobile commerce or mobile e-commerce. By using mobile websites or mobile apps, e-commerce using mobile devices can essentially be done in two ways. In comparison to non-responsive websites, responsive websites appear the same on multiple shaped and sized mobile devices. Responsive websites render mobile surfing easier. Due to greater device compatibility, mobile apps give consumers a better e-commerce experience. The efficiency and security of native mobile apps are considered to be of the highest standard. Many smartphone users are likely to buy mobile apps.

Benefits of Mobile E-commerce

  • Better User Experience
  • Easy User Engagement
  • Location-Based Services
  • Upselling & Cross-selling
  • Scope of Mobile E-commerce

In recent years, mobile app users have exploded. E-commerce accounts for 10 percent of online sales made worldwide. This knowledge leads to the fact that 90% of offline transactions will need to be online in the future. The scale is huge. The cumulative mobile e-commerce value is the US $800 trillion. This is a big percentage and no seller wants to neglect it. The percentage is still on an increasing track.


Mobile commerce has become a seller around the world that must be practiced. It has tremendous potential to make an e-commerce company expand. Softieons technologies offer mobile e-commerce apps for native iOS & Android platforms.