E-commerce inventory management

Someone who wanted to become a client and was prepared to take that step will leave your website disappointed instead. All that work you put into marketing, and it is wasted because when the time came to deliver, you couldn’t follow through.

In some cases, when the product becomes available again, a sufficiently interested customer may find their way back to your site later but most of the time; they move on to a rival or decide that, after all, they don’t need the product. Inventory problems will often lose you a client outright.

What is e-commerce Inventory Management?

Management of e-commerce inventory is the process of ensuring that at any given moment you always know what inventory you have, and know when to order more for the best results. That may sound straightforward, but inventory management becomes complicated in practice.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the growing number of inventory shipments that come in and which of those products have gone out to customers, particularly for companies with large product lines that store inventory across multiple warehouses.

Regardless of the size of your e-commerce business, a key factor in achieving long-term success is getting inventory management right early on.

Why e-commerce Inventory Management is important:

  • You overspend on storage if you have too much inventory.
  • Too much inventory creates a total loss of perishable goods
  • Too little stock and you’re disappointing clients and losing sales
  • Crowded space for inventory can lead to loss of stock
  • You risk making sales you cannot fulfill with incorrect inventory records
  • Management of inventory helps you evaluate which products are worthwhile
  • Messy records of inventory can lead to incorrect orders