Difference between UI-UX designs

In the world of technology, new terms appear every day and we have to know it. But people still confused ‘UX’ and ‘UI’. UI design and UX design are two of the most confusing terms in web and app design. They’re usually placed together in a single term, UI/UX design, and they seem to be describing the same thing. With the development of technology, more and more people are getting involved in designing and for beginners, it’s very important to know the difference between UI and UX design.


UX design means User Experience Design and UI User Interface. Both have their priorities and it is used to designing web applications and mobile applications. Both are work closely but they have a different purpose.


What is UX design?

A User Experience-UX designer is responsible for designing the experience that users have when interacting with a product and increase customer satisfaction.

UX designers focus on researching, developing, and improving all aspects of user interaction.

UX designers always lay user’s needs first when considering design solutions to enhance customer satisfaction. It includes some fundamentals:

  • Defining a problem
  • Understanding users
  • Creating personas
  • Generating task and user flows
  • Creating sketches, high and low fidelity wireframes, and prototypes
  • Usability testing

What is UI design?

A User Interface-UI focuses on include a visual hierarchy into a design for the user to follow. It taking ideas to define in wireframe and making them into a high-fidelity design that incorporates this visual hierarchy. UI designers make products cheerful to interact with. It includes:

  • Color scheme
  • Typefaces
  • Iconography
  • Layout

The Key difference between UI and UX design:

  1. UX designers mainly focus on creating a product and that solves a problem, while UI designers work on the design patterns of the product.
  2. UX designers think about how to make the best product easy to use, while UI designers think extensively about how to make the best product enjoyable to use.
  3. UX design can be used for both tangible and intangible products, while UI design limited to digital interfaces.
  4. UX is experiencing as users, while UI is using a product.
  5. UX design comes after UI design.

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