Business Advantages of Using Yii Framework for All Size Businesses

Business Advantages of Using Yii Framework for All Size Businesses

Sat, 10 Apr 2021

Yii framework is gaining popularity in the development of web applications, as it helps developers create a standardized, effective, and compliant website in a very short time. As per a survey, Yii was considered to be among the top 5 most-used frameworks for web creation in PHP. The Yii framework is an open-source, object-oriented, MVC-based, and lightweight PHP platform. It includes MVC, DAO / Active Record, caching, I18N / L10N, authentication, control of roles-based access, scaffolding and checking, etc. The Yii application creation process has advanced caching, making it more suitable for high-traffic web applications and becoming the next generation of the PHP web application.

Advantage of Using Yii Framework

  • Yii Framework reduces the size of the development team and provides a few tools (such as Gii) to automate many of the repetitive tasks in projects that are required to work on the project. That is applied across a multitude of Yii’s automation services.
  • It also offers a set of highly intuitive and extensible tools to generate code quickly using features like CRUD and form inputs.
  • Yii Application Development comes with security frameworks like XSS (Cross-Site Scripting), CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) to prevent any security issues.
  • It also has the chance of inserting malicious code into the posts when gathering some user data. Yii’s ‘CHtmlPurifier’ feature eliminates all the harmful data and ensures that the content is filtered according to the important standards.
  • Yii comes with default validation of XSS (Cross-Site Request Forgery), which prevents any unauthorized activity on a trusted site and helps to combat the POST-based attack.
  • Yii comes with a validation technique for cookies and prohibits any alteration of cookies. To test for cookie value it runs HMAC (Hash-based message authentication code).
  • The Yii Application Development mechanism supports a wide variety of wizards to perform tasks such as CRUDing (creating, reading, updating, deleting), making it special because this is not something we find in any other system.

Disadvantages of Yii

  • The Ajax features are properly drawn up in the Yii framework and require a lot of support from JavaScript when needed.
  • Its reliance on static methods is causing problems for developers.
  • It does not have questions about AR.
  • While working on this, developers need to have prior knowledge of PHP’s web development programming language to work effectively.


Yii framework comes with a mentality to change the way frameworks think about once it is implemented in a system; it will immediately set websites running in a fully functional way. In reality features such as protection against any cyber attack, smart catching device, controller support, and self & structure abundance help Yii Development Company develop the seamless web and mobile app development process.