Best E-commerce Platforms

Best E-commerce Platforms

Thu, 08 Apr 2021

As the retail industry ups its game, e-commerce platforms are becoming the new norm. You need to make sure your clicks work in the modern retail world, where buying products is just a click away. All transactions, such as order placement, payment, and logistical details, are done online. Your e-commerce platform has to be as reliable as a real-life store and accessible. It has to be interactive and simple to navigate. This is why it’s crucial to choose your online store builder.

To create an online store, we are leveraging the power of e-commerce platforms. A form of software that allows you to manage your operations online is an e-commerce platform.

By integrating all the tools required into one designated platform, it captures the functions of an online store. Your customers will have the ability to browse, buy, and track your products once they’re shipped.

Best E-commerce Platforms:


BigCommerce provides startups with a very accessible and user-friendly platform for e-commerce. With its range of back-end features, the intuitive platform enables you to build a robust e-commerce website.


  • Storefront Design
  • Storefront Conversion
  • API-Driven Commerce
  • Headless Commerce
  • Cross-Channel Commerce
  • B2B


For new companies that are just getting their feet wet in e-commerce, Shopify is perfect. All the basics of creating a store while leaving a lot of room for upgrades are provided by the platform. Through third-party extensions and plugins, scaling up your website will be a breeze.


  • Drag-and-drop store builder
  • Customized Themes
  • Payment Options
  • Shopify Mobile App


WooCommerce is ideal for startups who initially built their website on WordPress. The online store can be easily integrated with any WordPress site, giving you complete access to a wide range of themes and other extensions of functionality.


  • Mobile-optimized Shopping
  • Geo-location Support
  • Catalog Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping options and Calculator
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Product reviews


For startups that don’t have a dedicated web designer, Wix is ideal. Their site builder, including all the basic functionalities, is also simple to navigate.


  • Digital products
  • Product galleries
  • Shipping options
  • Discount codes
  • Inventory management
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Payment options