Angular Vs. React: Which One Is Better For Your App?

When it comes to using tools for developing mobile apps, there can never be the best tool. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks. In one circumstance a beneficial feature can prove to be a downside to another. Therefore, our debate cannot have a definitive conclusion, which would declare Angular vs. React to be a better system. The wrong choice of JavaScript Framework can create a negative impact on your business. Among all the JavaScript Frameworks, “React” and “Angular” are top-notch favorites of app developers and designers. But both of them have their pros and cons and are good in their way.



Angular is a JS application that was first published by Google in 2012. It was created with the principle of Model-View-Controller (MVC) in mind. This system came with the promise that its user could fairly easily build very rich single-paged web apps.



React, in contrast to Angular, is more of a JS library than a standard application.  React is an open-source project. That means the source code is open for modification for everyone. React is primarily used to create user interfaces for both Smartphone and web applications. What is unique about this tool is that it can be combined with other JS frameworks, which gives it a high usability rate.

Comparison Between Angular and React

Parameter Angular React
Founded by Misko Hevery Jordan Walke
Release year 2009 2013
Ideal for Creating highly active and interactive web applications Large applications with frequently variable data
DOM (Document object model) Real Virtual
App size Relatively small Relatively small
Performance High High




Both React JS vs. Angular is better, but it depends on the developer out of these two he or she wants to choose. For example, if you need a quick and fast app, go with React JS. If you have a wealth of data transfers and UI components, stick to AngularJS instead. Reacting is in the developing stage, while Angular has already experienced an increase in the rate of use. Choosing Angular vs. React frameworks depends on the complexity, the specifications for the device and your budget. We at softieons technology work on web development and mobile app development and help our customers according to their needs.